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Rocky Ponds

Rocky Ponds

The sun was rising as we waited at the Brooklyn wharf for the early morning ferry across the Hawkesbury River to Little Wobby. Cobwebs glistened and the bush was laden with water droplets from a night of rain. Those walking in front got drenched on the steep climb up the gully shortcut  onto the escarpment above Little Wobby.   From the top, the wide view back towards Dangar Island and Brooklyn across the Hawkesbury water was worth our early morning effort.

The path to Rocky Ponds runs along the top of the ridge before heading into dense heath.  It required a lot of ducking under and around overhanging branches, and some navigating to stay on the track.

Rocky Ponds, on Tank Creek, has a number of good spots for a swim.  There is a natural infinity pool with a Hawkesbury view, and a perfect little natural bathtub designed for one.  There was lots of space on the rocks for our large group to spread out enjoy their lunch.

Coming back after lunch, we spotted a slim brown snake enjoying the sun on the tessellated rocks.   We walked past the shortcut, and took the long route to Juno point.  We were rewarded with glorious expansive views through open forest of the yachts racing in Brisbane Waters, the light-house at Barrenjoey at the entrance to Pittwater, and secluded beaches around West Head and on the Hawkesbury River.

We were back at Little Wobby in time to remove any remaining leeches before hopping on the 3pm ferry back to Brooklyn.

The total distance covered was some 15km, with a total ascent of 600m. The walk technically is within the land of the Department of Sport and Recreation, adjacent to Brisbane Water National Park, so a permit is required, but easily obtained with a quick phone call, before visiting.

26 Jan 2018 3:29 pm

Little Wobby to Rocky Ponds

  • Distance 14.99 km
  • Time 0 s
  • Speed 2.2 km/h
  • Min altitude 0 m
  • Peak 0 m
  • Climb 1181 m
  • Descent 1180 m
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