Responsible walking

It’s dangerous out there, take care

Bush walking and other activities described on this website are inherently dangerous, and can cause loss, injury and death. You are responsible for your own fitness preparation and for understanding the risks and dangers associated with your activities.

All information on this site is general; you should consider your personal situation. Geographical material provided on this web site for viewing and download, including GPS tracks, are not intended as a navigation tool.

Walking responsibly – GPS tracks and route marking

GPS track sharing, in addition to traditional guide books and hiking websites, has enabled many people to discover new routes to walk. GPS tracks with Google satellite view enable us to better understand our destination before we head out, and to review our tracks post-walk to enhance our appreciation of the land. But all technology should be used responsibly.

We don’t share GPS tracks for all our walks. We don’t share GPS tracks for off track walks in the wilderness, or walks where we believe specialised navigation and safety skills may be required.

We do appreciate cairns that others have placed to help us follow an indistinct footpad, but generally we don’t disturb cairns or mark tracks with pink tape. Others might think differently on this.