What should I pack? A gear list

It’s time to hit the trail – but what do I need to pack?  There is no straight forward answer – it depends on the duration and remoteness of the hike, the season, the terrain, and any other risk factors. Gear lists are personal, what’s essential to you might be unnecessary extra weight to me. Here’s a check list for you to think about as you pack.


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The Heaphy Track
Heaphy Track Gouland Downs

The Heaphy Track

An easy, scenic 80km walk located in Kahurangi National Park in the north west corner of South Island. The final day is a stunning 17 km walk on the wild side, along the South Island west coast. 

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Six Foot Track in a Day

We can’t remember who had the idea to walk the historic 46.5km Six Foot Track in a Day. A mix of single track and fire trails, the total ascent on the Six Foot Track is some 1600m. Hours after we set off from Katoomba, high up on the Black Range, we are tired and freezing from the wind and snow flurries. (more…)

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Sydney Urban Walks
Sydney Walking Tour Apps

Sydney Urban Walks

Like many people, I have a day job that involves too much sitting. However you couldn’t ask for a nicer place than Sydney CBD on a sunny day for a lunch time stroll. I thought I’d be a tourist in my hometown and test some apps for Sydney urban walks. A quick search of the appstore found three, which I downloaded onto my smartphone, and then headed out the office.  (more…)

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