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What should I pack? A gear list

It’s time to hit the trail – but what do I need to pack?  There is no straight forward answer – it depends on the duration and remoteness of the hike, the season, the terrain, and any other risk factors. Gear lists are personal, what’s essential to you might be unnecessary extra weight to me. Here’s a check list for you to think about as you pack.

What else would you take?

Download the gear list.

PACKS & POLESBackpack 
Stay dryRaincover, pack liner or dry sacks
FEETBoots or shoesWaterproof or mesh?Waterproof or mesh?
SocksWool (merino), including a spare
GaitersFor sand, spinifex, mud and off track scrub
Camp shoes Lightweight crocs or similar
CLOTHESShorts/PantsQuick dry shorts or longs, optional leggings
ShirtsQuick dry. Long sleeves are good for sun protection and for scrub.
GlovesCheap gardening gloves for off track scrub or rock scrambling. Gloves for cold weather and sun protection.
Stay warmThermals, fleece, down jacket, beanie, gloves, buff
Sun safeHat, sunglasses & strap, sun cream, buff. Regular sun-sensitive walkers consider sun sleeves (like cyclists wear) and sun gloves.
Stay dryRain jacket, rain pants
FunSwimable undies or swimwear, towel or sarong
At the endChange of clothes and towel in car, spare food and water in car
FOOD AND WATERWaterBladder, water bottle, purification system
FoodFood for meals, snacks, and emergency rations
Heat and eatStove, fuel, lighter, billy and lid, potholder, thermos flask (day walk alternative to stove). Mug, bowl, cutlery
RubbishZip lock bags
SAFETYDon’t get lostMap, compass, route notes (if needed), GPS (if have one), watch, whistle, reading glasses (if needed)
CommunicationsMobile phone (fully charged) and phone backup battery.  Set up your emergency details on your phone.  Zip lock bag to keep dry.
EmergencyPLB or similar (can be borrowed), money!
See in the darkHead torch, spare battery
FIRST AIDFeetBlisters stuff (eg compeed, hikers wool, tape)
Snakes & crittersSetopress bandage, insect repellent, salt
Pain and injuryPainkillers, anti-inflammatories, anti-histamine, anti-chafing, compression bandage
EmergencySpace blanket, small pen knife, matches
SkillsDo you know what to do? Get Basic or Remote First Aid training, it weighs nothing
PersonalPersonal medicine, braces for knees etc
Other  Multi-purpose items – safety pins, duct tape, hair elastic, shoe lace, a couple of clothes pegs and micro caribineers
TOILETRIESToiletingHand sanitiser, loo paper, zip lock bags
Stay clean Toothpaste, brush, handkerchief, wet wipes (and a zip lock bag to carry them out)
Girl stuff Teeny pots of moisturiser, and all the other things that make us feel good
SHELTERTent Tent with poles, groundsheet
Sleep Sleeping mat, sleeping bag (in dry sack), liner (optional), small pillow case (stuff it with your clothes). Ear plugs!
OTHERMemoriesCamera, notebook and pen
Entertainment Book (kindle), lightweight games, and maybe some knitting!

essential items
essential in colder weather
personal choice
a little bit of luxury

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