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Crossing the Blue Mountains – Penrith to Katoomba

Stage 8: Wentworth Falls to Leura via Gladstone Lookout, Sublime Point & Pool of Siloam

14.1km +1,191m -1,115m (Allow 5.5-6 hours)

This is a classic, touristy style of walk, full of iconic lookouts and a lot of stairs. Let me repeat that …. a LOT of stairs! There are simply stunning panoramic views and lookouts too numerous to name. The main backdrop is the Jamieson Valley and Mt Solitary.  Some of the stairs are new (very impressive – thank you, Blue Mountains City Council) but, be warned … the stairs go up and down, and then down and up, and up and down again.  I should rename this walk: Stair Challenge on Steroids with Stunning Backdrops. I believe the route I chose covered over 170 staircases … but, hey, who’s counting?

My favourite lookouts were Gladstone Lookout and Sublime Point. The Pool of Siloam is also well worth a visit.

I wouldn’t normally chose such a touristy style of route but many tracks still remain closed in the Blue Mountains following landslides after Australia’s La Nina events. But I enjoyed a different perspective and the opportunity for easier terrain. It was a cold, blustery kind of day (think raincoats on and off, again, multiple times) which all added to the appeal of this walk and ensured we had the track to ourselves. 



Post Trail Thoughts

Just do it! If distance and time is a consideration – break it up into smaller sections. We used an Uber to take us back to the start which was inexpensive: as the crow flies you wont have travelled far and there are multiple exit points. Allow 5.5-6 hours including breaks.


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