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Crossing the Blue Mountains – Penrith to Katoomba

It’s A Wrap!


And there you have it, nine days of hiking – some half days but mostly full days. And, we have finally made it to Katoomba (all the way from Parramatta I add – see my previous blog on the Great West Walk). I am not sure Lawson, Wentworth and Blaxland had quite such an easy time – they certainly couldn’t have had as much fun.  It is not a route that the promoters of the Great West Walk are ever going approve, as some stages require a degree of hiking experience that most people do not have. But would I do it again? Absolutely – this one should be on every serious hiker’s list. And I would argue that the route could be used to improve existing paths to make walks like this more accessible for more people … well, why not?

And I feel my legs are well seasoned for a GR20 next year….

My thanks to Jean who signed up for every single one of these stages – and, of course, to everyone else who joined in. Fabulous hiking with my Sole Sisters 🙂 

Words by Fee; Photos by Everyone

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