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Catherine Hill Bay

Only 90 minutes north of Sydney, you can find a pretty campsite run by National Parks at Frazer beach in Munmorah State Conservation area. There are several walks nearby so a group of us headed there for a 3 day mid-week adventure using the campground as our base.

Day 1: Caves Beach to Catherine Hill Bay (12.5km)

Eight eager contenders met for the obligatory coffee at Caves Beach shops at 10:30am. We began walking with a supposedly shorter day’s trek, south towards Catherine Hill Bay. A combination of glorious weather, rock platforms sculpted from weathering conglomerates and sand, caves, rockpools and an abundance of bird life made for a particularly enjoyable walk.

Lunch on one of the headlands allowed us to spot whales spouting and view a long distance out to the horizon.

After returning to the cars and a short drive to Frazer beach, we erected the tents and started the serious part of the day: drinks, cheese and nibbles while watching a superb sunset and views of the ocean.

Day 2: Snapper Point to Catherine Hill Bay (17.5 km)

After a slightly complicated car shuffle, we began our day walking north, from just west of Snapper Point down a fire trail that led to Timber beach. We then proceeded along to Ghosties Beach, checking out the caves, and around Flat Rocks Point where we had an excellent lunch stop.  A traverse along Moonee Beach took us to the headland where  we hiked up and over in all directions. Many fisherman lined the cliffs and once again sightings of whales dolphins and sea birds. Particularly striking were the deep fissures formed in the rocks where the ocean swirled. We soon arrived under the Catherine Hill Bay Jetty where we checked out the remains of the ship wrecked schooner the “Catherine Hill”. Above us we could see the coal seams left by swamp activity.  A trek through the very unwanted new housing development did mean that we were able to satisfy the coffee connoisseurs and have a welcome rest. Down through the old town looking at the cute little mining cottages and working our way to the cemetery where our cars were parked, completed our wonderful day of walking.

Once again, evening (well afternoon really!) drinks on our camping hill and great conversation in an idyllic setting, makes you appreciate the great joys in camping out under the stars.

Day 3: Wyburg Head and surrounds (5km)

After a great breakfast and saying goodbye to one person, we went to explore the immediate surroundings. The scenery in the area once again, did not disappoint. Snapper’s Point was spectacular and there were small blowholes with spray spurting.

Back to the campsite to pack up and then a drive out along the dirt road to Wybung Head for a short walk over a ridge to the headland and you guessed it: more fantastic scenery!

We finished our three days with a coffee and purchases of local honey and a great appreciation for Gina who led our group through the maze of tracks in the recreation area.

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  1. Joanne Tyler

    Hi there, myself and a girlfriend are keen bushwalkers and would love to join your group. Is the group open to newbies?

    1. Fee Ringrose
      Fee Ringrose

      Hi Joanne
      We are currently closed to new hikers as we are experiencing very full groups. Please check back on our “Contact Us” page when we re-open

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