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A Wednesday Poem

Every Wednesday morning when some are sound asleep

A bonny group of lasses stir and through their homes they creep

Unearth their hats, their sunnies, their walking poles too

 Cuppa tea, plus pitstop (‘cause there may not be a loo)

In the car, off they go….errrr where’s the meeting spot?

Stop the car, double-check….(this happens quite a lot)…

Then the clock is ticking; they know they can’t be late.

The captain has her standards; she’s NEVER going to wait

For dawdlers or delayers among her able crew

‘If you’re there, you’re there’; otherwise it’s tootle loo!

Then the tracks–with ups and downs, often stairs galore

Always great but even better if your calves get sore

And perspiration?  Yes, that’s like Niagara Falls

Conversation flowing too, scarcely any pause.

Such gobsmacking scenery we all get to see

That’s thanks to the captain (her name is Fee)

And her able fellow leaders (maps fill their brains;

also, we suspect, that adrenalin fills their veins).


To these Wednesday champions, led by Super Fee

Let’s have a rousing cheer now on the count of three!

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  1. Maggie

    Love it!!! thanks Fee

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