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2022 In Review: A Poem

Sole Sisters Adventures in 2022!

Although the use of those passports was still taboo

Plenty of challenges were still not out of reach:

Warrumbungles,  Thorsborne Track, Thredbo, Frazer Beach…


Sole Sisters on the move; just try to hold them back!

Hannel’s  Spur, Pine Valley and (mon dieu!) Frenchman’s Cap,

Wharf to Wharf and Victorian Rail Cycle Trip,

Pedalling with Gina, Zippity, zip, zip, zip.


Kiama Coastal Walk,  Mount Field National Park,

(Oh those Sole Sisters,  they have plenty of spark)

Mornington Peninsula and the Six Foot Track,

Various weekday walks, the circuits, or out and back.


And the force behind it all?  Well, who do you think? 

The Mountain Bike Marvel and the Bullet in Pink

Yes two-wheeled Mary keeps us chugging along

(Not really chugging of course; our pace is so strong!)


And Fee “Ideas Woman” Ringrose does the same   

With a small element of the slightly insane,

When it comes to Friday walks for her eager crew;

(But do they love it anyway?  Oh yes, they do.)


Thank you, Fee and Mary!  Excellence through and through!

We’ve done our nav courses, but we’d be lost without you.

Listen up now; hear our cheers, our giant YIPPEE!

See you on the tracks in 2023.




Words by KarenJ

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